"Dyro dy law i mi ac fe awn i ben y mynydd"

Welcome to Ysgol Gynradd Rhiwlas

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to Ysgol Rhiwlas website.

There is a happy and hard-working ethos at the school where everybody is treated as an individual and receives recognition and appreciation from everybody at the school. We take pride in its caring nature that encourages our pupils to be confident independent individuals within the community.

The school environment provides many opportunities for outdoor studies that certainly enriches the pupils curricular experiences. There is nature reserve at the far end of the field that contains a coppice and small stream that is regularly used. In 2015, the school developed into an adventure play area, and we are currently developing a story reading area in the coppice. All of these contribute towards the pupils educational development.

The governors and parents show a valuable commitment towards the school in their support for our policies and assistance in fund-raising. The friends association is extremely supportive and has fund raised towards developing our store of musical instruments, developing a cinema in the hall, boulder walls to name but a few.

At Ysgol Rhiwlas we provide a safe, happy and well-organized environment where children show respect towards others, responsible attitudes, self-discipline, good working practices, respect towards their environment and pride in their work and achievements.

We ask you as parents to support the school so as to develop the aspects, ensuring that your children arrive punctually in school, behave appropriately at all times, are encouraged to respect other people’s property and school property, that the school receives written information/phone call/e-mail if your child is absent or late.

It is important that you show a regular interest in what your child does in school. You will have an opportunity to visit the school to discuss your child’s development. Our aim is to create a caring and purposeful community that we can feel proud of.

I am always ready to escort prospective parents and their children around the school. Make a phone call or call in to arrange a visit so as to meet the staff and the classes.

We look forward to meet you.

Iwan A Davies MA BA.dd (Headteacher)

Information About The School

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