Key Stage 2

imageKey Stage 2 includes pupils from year 3 to year 6. Here, they develop the skills learnt at the Foundation Phase. A year 3 pupil will experience a number of new developments, including formal English lessons and other subjects will be taught in English.

We will confirm and develop every child’s Welsh and English in all their passive and active aspects, to ensure that he/she can speak, read and write fluently and confidently in both languages when transferring to secondary school. Special provision is given for non-Welsh speaking latecomers at a Language Unit at Canolfan Iaith Maesincla.
The KS2 curriculum is undergoing major changes with a new curriculum having already been introduced in Welsh, English, Mathematics and there are exciting changes to the remaining subjects afoot following Prof Donaldson’s Report.

The curriculum is currently split into several subjects – Welsh, English, Mathematics, English, Science, ITC and RE which are called core subjects and Art and Technology, History, Geography, PSE, Music and PE.

A huge emphasis is placed on thinking skills and assessment for learning receives specific focus that places responsibility on the pupils to know how they learn and areas for improvement.

In consultation with the Governing Body, the headteacher prepares and regularly reviews the document that states how the school intends implementing the LEA language policy.

KS2 theme cycle – here soon..
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