Foundation Phase

imageWelcome to the Foundation Phase class where pupils between 3-7 years old are welcomed before attending Key Stage2 class. Our aim is to nurture independence, self-esteem and provide your child with a sound Foundation to his/her learning journey.

Non-Welsh speaking children are sensitively immersed in Welsh, receiving commendation, encouragement and rewards as the child succeeds and achieves small steps. We also ensure that those children who come from Welsh speaking homes enrich their language and are set a challenge that is appropriate to their ability.
We are very fortunate in being in an area that provides a number of outdoor learning opportunities, and we make regular use of the local area and of our nature reserve on the school premises learning weekly through the Forest School principles. We have appropriate water proof footwear and clothing as the children are expected to be out in all weather except in strong winds.

The children are taught across six fields namely:

  • Personal and Social Development, Well-being and Cultural diversity

  • Language, Literacy and Communication

  • Mathematical Development

  • Physical Development

  • Creative Development

  • Global knowledge and understanding.

Studying the above fields will provide robust foundations for the children’s reading, writing and numeracy and through using our school’s computer room, we will equip the pupils with IT skills to use at Key Stage two and beyond.
An emphasis is placed on direct experiences and learning through experience at the Foundation Phase and we will therefore g o on visits and regularly invite visitors to the school.
Under the Foundation Phase curriculum, the pupils Personal and Social Development is a core subject and is at the core of your child’s education. To ensure that a child succeeds, he must be happy and ready to learn. Please contact us if you or your child have any cause for concern and we take pride in our close relationship with our pupils parents and our open door policy.

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